In love with life and all its precious moments. Living it well in full colour, surrounded by positive magnetic field, indeed the glass is half full.

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Sway With Me

  You and I came here by no chance We have indeed taken a stance This romance doesn’t need finance Sway with me, let’s do the dance You and I are friends for life The threads that bind us sure are…


Peachy Popsicles

Today was one of those days where you part the curtains, pull up the blinds and look out of the window to see the gorgeous sun in all its glory cascading its rays into your home like the Niagara Falls.…


Happy Is The New RICH

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved seeing people happy. Putting smiles on the faces of my friends and family by any means possible is always at the top of my priority list. Be it by…


Apple Cookies

ditch the calorie laden, sugar filled, fat swirled cookie today, not forever- oh no, I won’t dare advise such! But just for today, you can. Don’t worry, all the goodies will be chucked into this cookie-  pinky promise.   APPLE…



It’s the 21st century and the streets are packed with cars of many makes and models. The streets are devoid of earthlings, they drive to the grocery shops five minutes walk down the road. I drive too, I am just as…


The Plunge

Sweaty brows and shaky hands Thumping heart, the adrenaline rush Today is the day, I think out loud The first chapter, the best so far   The jolt back to reality This is far from certainty Stay in the moment,…



  After a much-needed hiatus to retire to the drawing board in order to re-direct the path my blog was taking- I am back and ready to write, make, bake and share with you lovely people. Happy days ahead! Look…


Walking Down Creative Lane

  Walking down the creative lane in these heels made for strutting, having made up my mind the path I have chosen to thread. The path of my dreams, the path I am gifted in. Sometimes, we may have the…


Comfort Zones

  How reassuring it must be to remain in that one zone where we are most comfortable, where we thrive with little or no effort and zero threats are posed. How deceptive a zone this is… Yes, days will come…


The Woman In My Life

  I saw the earth and wanted to join in the party A vessel I needed to choose I searched far and wide High and low For that one I will call mama I found you Oh yes I found…



  Staying positive is one aspect I have focused on all through my personal development. Improving my outlook on life and seeking out the beauty amidst the chaos. I have found ways to simplify an over-complicated world, focusing on the positive…


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