Life In The Mummy Lane #1

Dear Diary,

The day is bright and there’s this clean, fresh smell in the air. I feel a breeze blow through the window and a smile gradually appears on my face, that knowing smile, an ear to ear grin looking down at my arms. The most precious gift snuggled nicely, swaddled firmly and sleeping soundly. Wow! I think, I am truly a mother. I laugh, OMG babe, can you believe it? I remarked! I most definitely couldn’t believe it. I was still in a state of awe and shock. How could I produce another human being? A living, breathing being. A second of panic flashed by and I dismissed it with a wave- I was prepared for the journey.

I had spent a good 10months, researching in depth, breastfeeding hacks, baby sleeping tips, emotional and mental development science reports. Her nursery was already set up, a nice white cot, baby mobile in place for soft lullaby music and her tan Moses basket lined with teddy bear imprinted sheets. This mama sure knows how to plan.

I hear a cough and my mind returns to the room, she’s licking her lips which means she will be awake soon and demanding a full meal of milk. I’m ready!

I latch flower on to my nipple and felt pride welling up inside of me, I was feeding my child, my very first child, sustaining her, how awesome! After want seemed like a few minutes, I was greeted by a sharp searing pain, like an unkind artist had taken a knife and was carving my nipples. It pierced and I jolted back. Wait, what? Why? I asked the midwife present why it was so painful, and she just smiled. I then remembered from all my months researching, this was normal. I took a deep breath and settled myself. The journey was just beginning…


Love Always,


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