Walking Down Creative Lane


Walking down the creative lane in these heels made for strutting, having made up my mind the path I have chosen to thread. The path of my dreams, the path I am gifted in.

Sometimes, we may have the greatest of intentions to do what we are interested in but life happens. The reality of having to work, perhaps look after off springs and maintain a home can take its toll. As minutes turn into hours and hours into days, tick tock, tick, tock, the clock keeps ticking waiting for no soul.

Who do I owe? I owe myself, I owe my existence, I owe me and I damn well better start paying up. Life is beautiful and fleeting in one breath- it’s important that we live. There will always be responsibilities, they really do not have a habit of disappearing into thin air, they linger around the corners, waiting to pounce like a starved tiger.

In our quest to live a rather meaningful life either one full of luxuries or settling for a comfortable life, it should be a must that we live a true life, one where we pay our dues to ourselves. We should try hard to do the things that get us all bubbly inside, excited and leaves us with the sweet feeling of accomplishment. Ignore the mundane rigors of life where day 1 and day 100 seems to have been cloned like dolly the sheep.

Truly live and walk towards your dreams, one step at a time. If your dream consists of sleeping in a memory foam bed, perfectly draped in soft Egyptian cotton sheets with silk embroidered matching duvet and the fragrance of freshly cut red roses sat pretty in a Scandinavian hand-cut crystal vase permeates your room all day- that’s absolutely fine. Not everyone wants to be president and life choices must be respected. The goal is to live in truth.

I have chosen to walk down the creative lane, this is where I feel most fulfilled and alive. Walking down the streets of makes, bakes, coaching, poetry and exploration simply makes me happy! It gets me out of bed every day, feeling pumped like Ali on fight night. I’ve found my calling and I am living in truth, love and courage.

Call me the TLC connoisseur.

Do you have any dreams you would love to fulfill? Let’s hear them in the comments section.


With Love Always,


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