Staying positive is one aspect I have focused on all through my personal development. Improving my outlook on life and seeking out the beauty amidst the chaos.

I have found ways to simplify an over-complicated world, focusing on the positive and building a more optimistic view on life, letting the other side I can’t do much about – be!

It’s not news that there is so much vileness going on in the world today. Violence, poverty, sickness and the list can go on…

All you need to do to be reminded of this is to turn on your tv set. Fear mongering, antagonism, inequality, injustice and scarce resources are rife. Politics in schools, offices and indeed our society as a whole.

It is so easy to fall into the rot of worrying, entertaining fear, thereby missing out on experiencing the good things of the earth. Now! The powers that be want you to remain in the state of constant fear; fear will inhibit the achievement of any dreams or aspirations you’ve ever had. I’d like to share with you some habits that have helped me in staying positive and seeing the good instead of focusing on the dreadful.


Oh yes, we are a product of our environment, greatly influenced daily by the things we see and hear. A lot of the decisions we make may be directly or indirectly linked to something we have seen or heard. Be it fashion, opinions on certain topics, politics and socially acceptable norms.

Exercise the power you have to choose what your influences are as they play a great role in your progress, development and mental well being.

Control your Influences

We watch a lot of things we actually do not want to watch. This means we are constantly marinating in information we do not consciously want. Programmes we have no interest in, but, because we like the sound of background noise we leave the most distracting household item on for hours on end.

Switch off your tv when you do not need it on.

Read, listen to music, speak to a loved one, have a chin wag and enjoy the peace.

Choose the news you watch and realise the media is heavily doctored. It is fashioned in such a way that puts people in a constant state of panic.

Don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely important to keep abreast with world affairs, however, the news is repeated every 30 minutes, hearing the same negativity over and over again won’t do your mind any good.

I find The Trews absolutely spot on. I watch it every week day and it analyses and highlights the truth behind the news devoid of bias.

Find the optimistic point of view in any situation

When a situation you are not too enamoured by presents itself, ask yourself two questions. What is the one positive or thing about this situation? What can I do to make it better?

Relish fostered relationships

Friendship is the closest relationship after your family. Some friends after a while become as close as your family because of the strong bond shared.

Enjoy your friends, make out time to meet up and have a good old natter. We all have busy schedules but time can always be made. We are growing each day and time is moving non-stop.

Get the most out of the relationships you have.

In 10 years time, you may not be able to do or enjoy the things you do with your friends now, the topics of discussion will be different, priorities and challenges will change.

Ask a friend or family about something good that has happened to them today.

Food for the body mind and soul

Staying in peak physical, mental and spiritual health is essential to keep focused and positive.

Feeding your body the nutritious foods it needs to thrive keeps your body feeling good and refreshed.

Food for the mind expands your horizon.

Finding inspiration enriches your mind and ensures progress.

Spiritual food is the ultimate; it gives you peace and hope to move on in the midst of negativity.

Meditate to free your mind and rid your body of negative energy.


What you give out tends to come back to you and the interesting bit is it comes back in abundance.

Giving feels good and both parties benefit.

Just by listening to a friend or lending a hand when it is needed.

Smiling at people, giving hugs and encouraging a friend who is going through a rough patch goes a long way in adding positive value. You may never realise how much of an effect you have had.

In all, to remain positive, it is imperative not to focus on the stresses of life, if things are not working change your plans, live in the now because the past is gone and will never return and tomorrow isn’t promised.


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