Lips are a very important in living a healthy life. Why? You may ask.

They help in the chewing process of food where we get our nutrients, without them food just might fall out as we chew.

Lips are pretty vital for chewing, kissing, talking, smiling and laughing- we will look pretty silly without lips when letting out that Guffaw type of laughter, where your body is engaged and fully responds-feet stomp, arms wave, thighs slapped, torso rocks, sound is deep and loud; may result in free flowing of tears, increased heart rate, and breathlessness.

Kissing was actually restricted until very recently to regions such as Asia and Europe until the 1500s. A professor of anthropology Dr. Vaughn Bryant said in a written statement. “No one in the New World kissed, no one in Oceania kissed, the Eskimos didn’t kiss, people in sub-Saharan Africa didn’t kiss.” He found that kissing actually started in India and was gradually spread after soldiers moved from country to country- how intriguing!

Lips mostly get their shape from collagen, however as the body starts to age, the production of critical proteins starts to slow down and lips begin to lose their plumpness, also ultra-violet light from direct sunlight exposure is another factor that contributes to the loss of fullness. One way of combating this loss and ensuring your lips retain its fullness is to wear lipstick or lip balm which contains added sunscreen.

No wonder! Sweat glands keep the skin moisturised and fortunately or unfortunately, lips do not have these glands hence why they get quite dry and chapped.

To keep your lips in tip-top shape, we at CM HQ pride ourselves in having a two-pronged approach that delivers soft and smooth lips.

Using a sugar scrub to exfoliate and honey to moisturise does the trick. A simple homemade sugar scrub using my secret recipe will be coming your way in subsequent posts – keep your eyes peeled!

Do you have a lip care regimen you would like to share? Let us know in the comments section, we can’t wait to learn from you.




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