Love Jar

What do you give someone who has everything? With Valentine’s day fast approaching, you may be up all night pondering, okay not quite up all night but your mind may have wandered off to ‘what gift is the best to give someone who seems to have quite a lot’. Couples are seeking ways to be more adventurous with their pressies, with the usual giftsets, fragrances and candlelit dinners still being strong contenders on the lists of preference.

Although, gifts experiences now seem to be the trend, they are thoughtful alternatives or an extra add-on to the love hamper.

A love jar is a true winner and is guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one’s face!

All you need is a glass jar, a sharpie pen and some lollipop sticks.

You know what makes boo happy, so make a list of 10-15 things that ignite happiness.  It may be something sweet, naughty or something you are totally uninterested in, but you want to see your partner filled with joy, so go ahead and add them. Write on each lollipop stick and pop them in the jar, voila! It’s that simple.

A couple of examples to keep things exciting;

Breakfast in bed


Full body massage

A joint candle-lit soak in the bath


30 minutes random request

Picnic in the park

Homemade pizza and a movie

Read to one another

… and the list goes on. Make your list as exciting, random and fulfilling as possible.

The fun part is pulling out one stick at random, and then you just wait to provide the surprise.



With Love Always,


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