Roosevelt’s Rookie

As I ponder the last days of ’16, the words of the great Theodore Roosevelt resound in my mind. “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. This plays over and over as I ask myself, have I adhered to these words? Have I allowed the quest for perfection hinder my growth or have I done the best I could possibly do with the resources I’ve found?

Have I pushed my boundaries hard enough until I can feel the seams stretching? Do I have the sole blood, sweat and tears bragging rights? Can I sit in my crushed velvet lounge chair, beating my chest king kong style about the fact that I have given my aspirations my best shot?

Sometimes, we find that our minds are the greatest hindrances we encounter. What we believe to be real may indeed  be stopping us from realising our full potential.

The fear of failure and not meeting up to one’s set standards is one of the most aggressive progress freezing factors, it is no secret that creatives can be their own worst critics. FEAR NOT! For the best of the bests, from Picasso to Ralph Lauren all failed initially.

See the word FAIL for what it truly is.

F- First
I- In
A mere change in perspective can yield favourable results. The human mind is an amazing tool, use it to your advantage.

Time is that one currency that is fleeting and elusive as it gradually disappears like one of the illusionists, Derren Brown’s magic tricks. The most expensive commodity we all are not wealthy enough to have an abundance of, it is so important to do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are. It does not have to be world class, or perfect, it just has to bear your unique mark. With time and practice, good will become better and better will become the best.

Make a promise to yourself to make those sweet dreams become sweeter realities. I am on this journey with you.


An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail
Dr. Edwin Land

With Love Always,


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