Sway With Me


You and I came here by no chance

We have indeed taken a stance

This romance doesn’t need finance

Sway with me, let’s do the dance

You and I are friends for life

The threads that bind us sure are dense

Entwined in a trio of ropes

Woven with thick cotton strands

Hard to sever

Easy to coexist

This bond is forever

Sway with me

Sway with me, let’s do the dance

Sway with me, let’s take the chance

Set free with me, as we walk this path

Experience with me, let’s explore all day

They say you can’t choose your family but indeed can choose your friends. Throughout life, we form bonds with fellow earthlings, some strong, some deeper than the bond between siblings. Friendship/love is beautiful and sometimes can last a lifetime.

With Love Always,


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