My Symphony


Vintage Pearl Bridal Birdcage

birdcage pearls brides

Pearl bridal birdcage


Ever since I can remember I have had the passion to create beautiful things out of nothing.

Sat in my woman cave with my favourite singer Enya softly playing in the background, it struck me how her music was once a concept in her mind before being manifested into the beautiful chords and keys of symphony.

Here I am today expressing my own symphony through fashion with my chords and keys
(Needle, thread, blood and sweat 🙂 ).

What a pleasure it was to transform the concepts of my mind into something palpable that could be of use to others, giving them the same dose of pleasure I received whilst creating them.

After hours of sketching, creating, needle pricking and tea breaks (Not forgetting the scones and clotted cream 🙂 ) my designs were made manifest!


Tools of the Trade


tools millinery haircombs

Creating something from nothing.


Vintage Bridal Birdcage


The bridal birdcage was born out of my love for the classic vintage looking bride.

The allure of what lies behind the ivory netting.


Forest Green Crystal Hair Comb

Forest Green Crystal Hair Comb


This magnificent piece is inspired by the thick forests of Western Africa.

The innocence and beauty I find in unadulterated nature is translated into this piece also adding an accent of sparkle with the diamanté petal.


Crystal Hair Comb

Malibu Silver Hair Comb

Malibu Silver Hair Comb

Crystal Hair Comb

Vintage Pearl Bridal Birdcage


Hair combs always add that extra bit of glamour.

Highlighting your facial features and ensuring your appearance pops.


Malibu Sea Waves Fascinator

Mailbu Sea Waves Facinator



My environment influences my designs, the sea is one of my favourite scenes for inspiration.

This fascinator reflects the deep blue sea, its waves, its twists and turns, the strength behind the sea’s waves and yet its subtlety.


Model– Banke (Scientist turned model)

Make Up & Photography – ChiChi Morris

Accessories– LushBelle London


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