The Gift



Life is such an amazing gift, thinking about how far you’ve come you will realise that you are a special gem.

That one spermatozoon strong enough to swim, strong enough to survive the stress of being born, the discomfort of leaving the comfort zone of amniotic fluids. YOU MADE IT!

You are a big deal when you think of it. To be alive in such a revolutionary era, an era of technological advancement and medical breakthroughs. Heck, life expectancy has increased! Things are surely looking up.

This year, make the decision to enjoy life. It was made to be enjoyed, challenges will come. Take them in good stride. Take some time out to show yourself love today, give yourself a tight hug and appreciate how far you have come.

Be more aware of the beauty that surrounds you and revel in it. If you have one life to live, you might as well live it well. We create our realities daily!




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