Aldi Mamia Baby Review

The weather has been quite lush and sunny lately, giving me the time to review the products my little one uses daily. I picked up an Aldi brochure at a baby event and was truly surprised at the products they had on offer . 

I consider myself a non-paid Aldi ambassador. I sing from the mountain top at how good their products are quality-wise and I have also recently dabbled into their lacura skin care range and girl! I am impressed. Today’s review is for the baby range( the perfect mother’s day pressie in a cute bunny basket), but I pinky promise I will review the skin care products I am having a love affair with.

When I was a new mum (I’m now well into the game) I received so many gifts of baby products, ranging from the very high-end to the now so high up there. I knew I would have to try out a number of products before I arrive at my conclusions as to those that take to my baby’s skin and my liking. 

My amazement was apparent when we tried out their newborn baby nappies. It kept baby fresh all night and never leaked.  You could feel the quality between your fingers and the padding was just right. 

As she grew and transitioned from milk to semi-solids. I found the mamia fruit pouches an absolute life saver! For those days out having a meal as a family at a restaurant or just visits to the grandparents. They are yummy and full of goodness. Organic with no additives too- brilliant! The range is also quite wide, there are sweet and savoury pouches to suit your babies pallet. 

I fancy calling myself the wipes connoisseur, I’ve been there done that and have a t-shirt to show for it. Nothing quite beats a wipe that retains moisture and most importantly for health and safety purposes- does not tear. Some high-end wipes tear, this can pose a health hazard for children as they love playing with wipes. If they can rip them into bits, they may also be able to choke on the little bits. Mamia wipes do not tear, they are ace! They do the fantastic job of wiping surfaces, baby’s runny nose and mummy’s berry lipstick. They absorb moisture and fell good to the touch. 

Babies are cute but they may as well receive awards for doing the smelliest number 2. This is where the mamia scented nappy bags come in, you slide one out of its packet and the powdery aroma fills the room. Wooosaah! It restores balance to the home, now back to the cute looking and lovely smelling baby. The bags smell great, they do the job of sealing nappies and keep your home smelling nice. I made the mistake of not using them initially and just disposing of the nappies in the nappy bin- you all know the nappy bin that boasts of keeping smells locked away- well that bin never worked for me but now I can use it comfortably having locked the nappies safely in the mamia nappy bag. 

Rice cakes are yummy! Our little one loves them, they come in different flavours too. Apple flavour is her fav. When we’re out and about and we need a quick snack fix, those are our go to. They also help her master her fine motor skills while using her hands. Win- win I say!

I find that Aldi make great products and do not skimp on quality. Easy to find, easy to use and fantastic quality. 

So when next you’re out and about shopping at Aldi, if you’re undecided about a product- I’d say go for it!

Have you tried some of Aldi’s products? If you have, I’d like to know what you think?

With Love Always,


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