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Aldi Mamia Baby Review

The weather has been quite lush and sunny lately, giving me the time to review the products my little one uses daily. I picked up an Aldi brochure at a baby event and was truly surprised at the products they…


Mother’s Day Bloom

  Mother’s Day for me marks a day of blooming, a day of growth from the naïve young mother I once was to the seasoned mothering connoisseur I have become. As I cast my eyes back to the days which…


Chlorophyll Carpet in Spring

Yay! I am rather excited today, my spring prose got published on the arts and humanities website.  It’s a first day of spring diary run by the research councils. There is a complication going on to add poetry and prose…


A Happy Sun Day

  Dear Diary, The sound of baby’s giggling and chuckling woke me up this morning, as my eyes slowly parted, I am greeted by the widest grin of a toddler with ten teeth and a bright stream of yellow rays…


1st Year Magic

  Magical is the word that pops into my mind when describing the first year of our baby’s life. I smile just reminiscing. The wonder in these 365 days action – packed with every shade of emotion and many eventful…


Love Jar

What do you give someone who has everything? With Valentine’s day fast approaching, you may be up all night pondering, okay not quite up all night but your mind may have wandered off to ‘what gift is the best to…


Strawberry Valentine

  Valentine season is here again and if like me you have jumped on the ketogenic lifestyle bandwagon and are living lavida low carb, then you may be panicking at all the sugar-laden treats your loved one may have planned…


Life In The Mummy Lane #1

Dear Diary, The day is bright and there’s this clean, fresh smell in the air. I feel a breeze blow through the window and a smile gradually appears on my face, that knowing smile, an ear to ear grin looking…


Sugar and Spice Makes Christmas Nice

    The autumn leaves have fallen and the weather has suddenly turned chilly- it’s layer up season. There’s that distinctive smell in the air, the scent of love, festive cheer and laughter. The warmth of lovely days spent indoors,…


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Say I Do

Weddings, how we love them, and then there comes the Royal Wedding- the cherry on top. The anticipation, the never-ending documentaries, the cake, peonies, white roses and of course the traditional baby’s breath flowers. I must say I am having…


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