A Happy Sun Day


Dear Diary,

The sound of baby’s giggling and chuckling woke me up this morning, as my eyes slowly parted, I am greeted by the widest grin of a toddler with ten teeth and a bright stream of yellow rays that fills our room. 

I am instantly elated, I’ve been waiting for this visitor- the sun for a while now. It’s finally here regardless of the gusty winds that threatened my Saturday cream tea and exploration around littlecoate house. 


As an African who grew up in Nigeria, the sun is my friend. It makes me happy, the scent of the earth and the sight of blooming flowers makes me feel at peace and at home. 

Also, now Leilani is up and about, I can’t wait for her to have her first summer we’re she’s mobile and can run around exploring and enjoying experiences. 

Life is different with a toddler around spring/summer time as opposed to a baby. We can point out flowers and name them, take her to parks where she can freely walk and run about, a day on the beach, building sand castles and some yummy ice cream. 

I look forward to showing her all these experiences as she’s very outdoorsy, I bet she will love them!

Do you have any spring/summer plans? Like me, does the sun make you happy?


With Love Always,


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