Chlorophyll Carpet in Spring

Yay! I am rather excited today, my spring prose got published on the arts and humanities website.  It’s a first day of spring diary run by the research councils. There is a complication going on to add poetry and prose to a summer book in a couple of months, so this is really exciting news for a writer.

You can read my prose here or find a copy below, it’s themed Chlorophyll Carpet.

Chlorophyll Carpet

“As I step out of Polaris House, walking down the curved paved pathway, like a maze it leads me on a journey of exploration.

The edges of my mouth gradually curve into a wide ear to ear grin, as I spot a beautiful multicoloured bird, happily singing a song that should top the charts, and wagging its tail with glee.

I carry on walking and I’m suddenly struck by the sweet scent of floral fragrance. The abundance of oxygen nature produces courses through my nose and pervades my being, invigorating and rejuvenating.

I spot the chlorophyll filled green carpet grass dotted with pretty daisies. It’s a flowery jungle out here, teeming with life and the promise of new beginnings.

As if in agreement, I experience the sensation of crisp fresh air, like soft Egyptian cotton, lightly grazing my melanin filled skin.

Renewed life and blossoming is the message spring brings.”

– Arts and Humanities Spring Diary 2019

Have you noticed any changes in your environment?

Today, I noticed the cherry blossom tree outside my front door had bloomed overnight. Its beautiful pink and white petals had fallen overnight to form a floral walkway just outside my door. On opening the door to head out for the day, I was stopped in my tracks when I witnessed the beauty before me, a vast carpet of petals, dotted everywhere.  I felt as if I had been transported to a colourful and vibrant Indian wedding somewhere in Bombay.

Whilst we all slept soundly on our beds, duvets  snuggly tucked in, nature was working hard overnight to unfold new petals for us to enjoy.

What a sight to behold!


With Love Always,


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