Mother’s Day Bloom


Mother’s Day for me marks a day of blooming, a day of growth from the naïve young mother I once was to the seasoned mothering connoisseur I have become. As I cast my eyes back to the days which have now merged into months, I  realise that parenting is a culmination of experiences and experience can only be achieved through experiencing- you get my drift right?

We did spend a lovely day celebrating at Littlecote House Hotel, this used to be the hunting lodge for Henry VIII. If you know me, you know I love my stately homes, there is a running joke that I was royalty in my past life- haha! I’ll take that, crown and all.

I enjoy the opulence and precision of architecture, to learn that people of old were not so technologically backward, they indeed produced some magnificent pieces with very little technical implements.

There’s a peace that comes from walking around serene looking well-manicured hedges. Gardens loved and cared for like a new baby.

The cream tea afterwards was the cherry on top- it always is for me.

I enjoyed this shoot, the weather was right. The sun was shining, not many people in our immediate vicinity, my outfit blending nicely with the trees, the bluebells budding and a not-so cranky baby. Bliss! A blogger’s dream come true.

How did you celebrate mother’s day with your mum? My mum doesn’t live in the same city as I do, so I sent her gifts and wrote a poem for her. It’s safe to say she was very delighted.


With Love Always,



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