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Glow In A Drink

We are well into 2017, three weeks in to be precise. After an amazing Christmas of mince pies and an array of chocolates, a detox is surely needed on the menu. If like me you have a career that involves waking…


Class Of 2017

Most of you would have clicked your champagne glasses overflowing with bubbly to ring in the new year- 2017 however, others maintain it actually is the year 4.5billion. Whatever it is you believe, this is a great time to revisit…


Roosevelt’s Rookie

As I ponder the last days of ’16, the words of the great Theodore Roosevelt resound in my mind. “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. This plays over and over as I ask myself, have…


The Magical Third Year

If there is one truth that remains unchangeable, it is time does fly and it flies even faster the older we get. The early days in November will bring much joy to two families who will join hands as one,…


Trend Alert! Socks + Heels

  It’s that time of the year when you realise the sun isn’t coming back anytime soon and you will need to rearrange your closet ensuring your Autumn/Winter arsenal are within tiptoe reach. The fashion shows are now over and as…


Are You Mindfully Mindful?

Mindfulness, you may find is a word that has been banded around recently, it’s the new buzzword popping up in conversations and being tossed about like a ping pong ball. It is a mental state which is brought about by…


Overnight Raspberry Joy

  We are back with another breakfast bombshell, after all ,they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Seeing as we are Queens and our crowns fit, we deserve befitting ways of breaking our hours on end fast…


Very Berry Smoothie Bowl

We love to be unconventional, unorthodox and uncommon! Who says you need to drink this vibrant pink smoothie, full of fruity goodness as nature intended from a cup? This marvellous mix has the super powers to kick-start your morning in…


It’s Nothing To Worry About

Why lose sleep Pondering all night Why lose faith That all will be right Plans have fallen through Dreams are shattered glass Hope is lost at sea Belief has gone with the wind A powerless state to be Weak and backed up…


Sugar Sugar, Honey Honey!

I promised to deliver my signature sugar lip scrub which is part of the CM two-pronged approach in getting the lushest smoothest and softest lips. It’s pretty easy to whip up and promises to banish flaky dead skin and with…



      Lips are a very important in living a healthy life. Why? You may ask. They help in the chewing process of food where we get our nutrients, without them food just might fall out as we chew.…


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