Trend Alert! Socks + Heels




It’s that time of the year when you realise the sun isn’t coming back anytime soon and you will need to rearrange your closet ensuring your Autumn/Winter arsenal are within tiptoe reach. The fashion shows are now over and as we pour over an infinite supply of high-resolution photos blazing with all the colours under the sun, we start to think or perhaps research what the trends for the last quarter of ’16 are.

At our HQ, we love fashion and are in love with trending trends (you see wat I did there 🙂 ). The new trend that has been popping up on my fashion week feed is the granny fashion. After having the silvery grey hair trend for like forever, it is only natural to follow suit with the whole ensemble… granny glasses, totes, jumpers and indeed SOCKS!

Socks are just a strand in this big bang trend- they look best if they are tasselled, polka dotted or meshed. It is a fabulous way of keeping your feet warm whilst still strutting in summer heels or autumn ankle booties.

The trick is to allow them peek-a-boo at the ankles, peep toe when wearing chunky heeled platforms and indeed the knee-grazer for those all-time sassy knee-high boots.

Wear with your head held up high- imagine the world is your very own runway. We all know, you are a trendsetter, show stopper and head turner. Wear your crown.

Celebrities spotted totally smashing this trend are Beyonce (the Queen Bey) Rihanna (good girl who’s decided to stay bad) and everyone’s darling Taylor Swift, well unless you are Kanye West.

In  the fashion world, I’ve learned to never say never.

How far would you go for fashion? Do you have limits? We’d love to know…


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