The Magical Third Year


If there is one truth that remains unchangeable, it is time does fly and it flies even faster the older we get.

The early days in November will bring much joy to two families who will join hands as one, the night before the said event, family will be in high spirits, pouring champagne in flutes and munching on aunty Olu’s famous chin chin, I am not sure of the mixture but it made family happy.

The ever so danceable tunes blaring from the speakers, rather loudly, bodies shaking rhythmically and matching every beat, a cultural act we will find has been programmed into our DNA hundreds of thousands of years ago.

As we manoeuvre around the house, packed with relatives and siblings alike, I can’t help but laugh as everyone screams ‘bride to be’ on entering the living room. Joy had already started overflowing and we were just getting started.

After tossing and turning for what seemed to be an eternity, excited and anxious in a single breath. I get up from bed to prep the bridal suite for photos and videos.

The ride to the venue was smooth but I felt like a wedding guest, the reality had not yet hit me. It did as soon as those aisle doors slowly opened to reveal a long stretch of eyes staring at me. Emotions took over as African Queen slowly played, tears of joy came flowing…

We say our I dos and head off to the Marriott, the fun begins with even more champagne on arrival and a rendition by an uncle in a language foreign to most westerners. My ancestors they say do not understand the English language.

The groom’s speech was hilarious as expected, heartfelt as tear ducts produce warm teardrops and very sweet to reflect his heart bursting with joy. He is a rare gem, I must add.

We danced the night away as loved ones showered us with love and made a spectrum of currency rain on us.

To think this was three years ago and it feels like yesterday, how time flies when you are having fun!




With Love Always,



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