Glow In A Drink


We are well into 2017, three weeks in to be precise. After an amazing Christmas of mince pies and an array of chocolates, a detox is surely needed on the menu. If like me you have a career that involves waking up in the am and driving through traffic to a big building then you have probably felt the busy work schedule hit like a wrecking ball, which has perhaps led to the frantic internet search for the next holiday destination. Be it the Comoros Islands or beautiful Bali, let’s ever so quickly whip up this yummy smoothie before it’s time to pack our suitcases and check in online.

This skin glowing smoothie is packed tightly with nourishing vitamins and essential minerals. It is light, pupils dilating and teasing to the taste buds whilst tasting like your very own slice of heaven. This fantastic smoothie is sure to restore the sparkle in your eyes, the glow to your skin and put the spring back in your step.

It is also in line with the 2017 promises we’ve made to ourselves- those long sentences written in a list format of healthy eating, better living, meditation for the soul, pilates for the body… you get the drift.

This goodness in a glass, works wonders when coupled with a healthy diet, exercise, and lots of positive energy.

Without further ado, let’s just right in with this recipe put together with love from my kitchen.





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