Very Berry Smoothie Bowl

We love to be unconventional, unorthodox and uncommon! Who says you need to drink this vibrant pink smoothie, full of fruity goodness as nature intended from a cup? This marvellous mix has the super powers to kick-start your morning in a very sweet way.

The smoothie bowl has revolutionised how we choose to have our smoothies. Some days we drink from a glass smoothie cup but most days, we love to have the kaleidoscope of colours give us something to feed our eyes on, a brilliant morning eye candy.

It’s also a fun way to get some fresh produce into your busy or lazy mornings, whichever morning you choose to have. You can start off with the base and then get creative with some great ingredients and voila, your berry goodness is ready to enjoy!!

This bowl is super easy to whip up and has instant favourite tendencies, tread carefully, (it’s a heart thief) and if you are feeling generous, share this with someone you love.

Try this out and let us know what you think in the comments section.



With Love Always,


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