After a much-needed hiatus to retire to the drawing board in order to re-direct the path my blog was taking- I am back and ready to write, make, bake and share with you lovely people. Happy days ahead! Look out for my action-packed weekly posts.

To aid my come back, I’ve found a fun way of describing myself using the basics of language-our dearest alphabets. Enjoy getting to know me!


Learning to be more assertive has helped me in making life choices and sticking to them.


I love blogging, it’s my little corner of the www sphere, where I can pour my heart out and share my little projects. It brings me unadulterated joy!


When I walk into a room, creative juices flood my medulla. I mentally redecorate and up-cycle majority of the objects I find in my line of vision (this involves A LOT of internal dialogue. I haven’t lost my marbles yet- thankfully!). It’s an exciting experience.


I love to boogie, boogie! Dancing is so much fun, it’s a pleasurable experience for me, the endorphin release is worth the ache afterwards.


I hold education in high esteem, I believe everyone who walks this earth should be entitled to an education. It’s imperative that I feed my mind with as much information as I can garner, using as many brain cells as possible, to learn as much as I can before I lose them.


In the great words of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, “we should all be feminists” I am an ardent believer in equal rights and opportunities for all, regardless of colour, creed or personal choices. I find it rather difficult to wrap my head around inequality, it is in my opinion absolute waste of precious time.


Giving gives me joy, adding something of value to someone else’s life, feels good and I do so without expectations. Their genuine smiles and lit up eyes give me all the satisfaction in the world.


Honesty, they say is the best policy; life is far too short for dishonesty.


I have come to embrace my imperfections and actually love them for what they are. I now see them as imperfectly perfect imperfections and as the quote goes…”Usefulness is not impaired by imperfection. You can still drink from a chipped cup” through my lens, imperfection is beautiful.


Fairness, fair play, impartiality- Everyone deserves an equal playing field.


I have mastered the art of kicking unwanted; people, circumstances, habits to the curb. If it doesn’t serve me, make me happy or doesn’t help in the furtherance of my goals, then it is guaranteed to be karate kicked to the curb (Jackie Chan style).


I love, love! It surely does make the world go round. We need more loving around the planet- go love someone today!


My goal is to make a positive difference to my community and ripple the effect across the globe. I am big on education, lifestyle, wellbeing and social change. I am taking one step at a time and firmly believe that pretty soon, my mark will be made.


Life has taught me to never say never as one never really knows what tomorrow will bring. I take life one day at a time, embracing the good, the better and the best.


I find that my open mind has allowed me to learn across a broad spectrum of topics of which others may deem bizarre i.e cryonics and cell regenerative therapy. Science fascinates me. I enjoy experiencing new cultures, languages and meeting a kaleidoscope of people.


You can liken me to the Lioness roaming within her pride. I am the protector of my cubs and the defender of the king of the jungle. You can’t speak a bad word about people within my circle and go scot-free.


I have a questioning mind, it’s important that I keep asking questions and demanding answers, this way, I learn! learn!! learn!!!


My guilty pleasure! I enjoy people watching. When I was a little girl, I played a game called ‘Guess What?’ with my siblings. It is a game where we watched people go by and guessed what they did for a living, ate for breakfast or where they were going to. It’s hilarious and we came up with the most bizarre answers (typical under 10s)- in hindsight, it was building our creative thinking.


Now we’re talking! I love fashion and style and shoes and accessories and bags and watches and brooches and scarves and anything that sparkles! I am the proverbial magpie you read about in those bedtime story books. Looking good feels good and I do love to experiment with on and off trend pieces.


The only thing that matters.


In good times as well as in bad times, you will find me right there beside you. I don’t do fair weather, I do not expect fair weather.


My values are not up for bargaining. I stick to what I believe in regardless of societal pressure. My values are my identity.


I still look with wonder, through the eyes of an inquisitive 5-year-old child at how fascinating the little pieces of life’s puzzles fit together. It’s important for me to preserve my childlikeness as I grow older and the responsibilities of adulthood pile high.


Hugs and kisses to the rescue, they save the day! Some gold stars are in order 🙂


Yesterday is important to me, it tells my story and reminds me to be grateful for the blessings that have been bestowed upon me. It reminds me of my flaws and how to better myself, my mistakes and how to correct them, the first step of my journey and the progress I have made thus far. Yesterday may just be yesterday (the past) however, yesterday is a big piece of my story’s puzzle.


Meditation, being mindful and present in the moment are the ingredients that ensure a well-balanced existence- I indulge.

So, there you have it, my humble self in a nutshell. I would love to get to know you too, so please drop a line in the comments section below, using the alphabets to describe yourself. I’m looking forward to reading all about YOU!


With Love Always,


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