It’s the 21st century and the streets are packed with cars of many makes and models. The streets are devoid of earthlings, they drive to the grocery shops five minutes walk down the road. I drive too, I am just as guilty of polluting the earth and even worse, harming my body by imbibing in this century’s lifestyle.

It’s a bright sunny summer morning, one of those days I schedule for lazing, wasting time in a nice way, in a me-time kind of way. I decide to explore my neighbourhood, what lies beyond the cycle paths and walkways I ask? Goodness! I wasn’t ready for the beauty that befell my eyes. How could I have missed this, all these years? How could I have driven past the serene greenery onto the choc-a-block noisy roads? Who chooses chaos over beauty? A feeling of regret and “I’ve missed out” washes over me. I give myself a mental kick, a really hard one, one of those kicks one can almost feel physically. It’s right here in front of you I say to myself, live in the moment!

The vines and trees, the climbing fetterbush, a fine specimen backdrop with creeping budding petals, the evenly mowed lawns with striped patterns, the chirping chiffchaffs and green tit birds serenading the neighbourhood- who would have thought my very own orchestra lay in wait 40 yards away.

Ah! Bliss.

My mind races into creative gear mode. A place to write, blog, read, click, click my camera and high pixel photos emerge. Heck! I could surprise the husband with a healthy packed picnic laced with a spectrum of berries. The edges of my lips gradually curl up and a huge ear to ear grin appears on my face- this has made my summer of ’16.

As a species, we have always explored, be it in the quest for food or to enlarge our territories, we push boundaries- it’s in our genetic makeup. Our ancestors did this on a daily base, they were wired that way. We are wired this way however, 21st-century living seems to have suppressed some of these innate inquisitiveness. I have now been making conscious efforts to explore more, see more, do more, experience more because this is the way life should be lived- full of memories and experiences we can reminisce and revel in when our silver-haired days finally arrive.

Have you found anything exciting you never knew existed? We would love to hear about your experiences- drop us a line.


With Love Always,


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