A Few Of My Favourite Things



These are a few of my favourite things…


English Tea
















Oh tea! How I love thee!! My reading companion and early morning go to brew.

I am not a coffee person, when friends clamour for their early morning cup of coffee to wake them up, I ponder at their caffeine dependency. What a hypocrite! I suffer the same fate. Thankfully, I am not dependent on caffeine as I have a natural high and plagued by early morning excitement.

I am a morning person, I start my day by listening to my favourite tracks and this sets me up for the day. My happy fix in the morning keeps the worries away.

My speakers blaring loudly, I’m hoping I do not wake my neighbours and the man of the house up! Oh goodness! I am not that inconsiderate, earphones plugged in bursting the latest dance moves, this is a one-woman AM party.

I dance whilst getting ready for work, a cuppa in one hand and crimson lipstick in the other, nothing can go wrong!



Inner beauty is the ultimate however the outer beauty has to be maintained lest it withers away. “There are no ugly women in this world, just lazy ones”- Coco Chanel

A few of my beauty MUSTs;

  • Exfoliate– Those dead skin cells have to go!
  • Moisturise– The skin craves hydration to enhance elasticity and it also feels oh so good when the lotion sinks into my pores.
  • Skin Tonic– This soothes, revitalises and gives an instant radiance. If you look in the mirror, I bet you can see your skin smiling.
  • Mask– I use this once or twice a week and it’s amazing! Once it’s set, I peel to reveal a clearer, smoother skin.
  • Body Polish– For that all year round glow, body polish remains my best friend. It promises radiant and healthy looking skin and delivers on that promise time after time.

I don’t know if anyone else does this but I do love to go to bed smelling like a million bucks! Eau Dynamisante is an awesome fragrance that awakens my senses and interestingly sends me to sleep. It is the freshest scent I have ever perceived, I love it.



Bath and body works are the best! The body splash, hand lotion and shimmer mist are my all time favs. Those who have used these can testify.



My hair has now been all natural for three years. Woohoo! For those of you who do not understand the intricacies of the African mane, this means my hair has been devoid of any straightening chemicals and this has got to be the best decision I have made with regards to my hair.

The two most important routines for my hair is conditioning and oiling. I believe these two have contributed immensely to the growth of my hair. The product T444Z was recommended to me by my hair stylist and it works like a charm. The growth has been fantastic (perhaps someday I will share my hair journey).


Olfactory Senses

Scented candles are one of my favourite things, they create a lovely ambience. The calmness they bring to a room is sublime. The scents I’m in love with the most are floral and fruity.



My recipe for daily triumph. In a world of so many uncertainties. This keeps me grounded and hopeful.



You all know books are my thing! I remember as a child growing up, I read any and everything in sight. My mother, who is a writer amongst other things always encouraged me to read.

Books are the doors to a magical world, where everything comes alive and your imagination is allowed to roam freely.




Words motivate me. In as much as I am aware of the recipe for excelling, a daily reminder I find is absolutely necessary.

A creative way of using photo frames is by inserting inspiring words into them.



What are your favourite things? Let us know in the comment section. I look forward to reading all about them 🙂

Have a lovely week.


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