Tick Tock Time’s Ticking

The concept of time is quite dicey across all levels.

Regardless of the multiple definitions and people’s perceptions of this, TIME remains what it is…TIME. That one commodity that can never be regained, it is by far the most expensive product even money can’t buy.

Difficult to understand and mind-boggling to quantify, we are all Oliver Twist about Time. It eludes us every time, we just can’t get enough of it.

The one thing we can do and should capitalize on is managing the meagre 24 hours effectively. Cutting across the social class of rich and poor, one thing is common; we all have the same amount of hours.

Time is what you make it. It is nothing without your input. Don’t allow it dictate to you-instead, control it and use it to your benefit.


Discover your flow

Do you find that you are more energetic in the morning?

Do you get more done in the am? Are you the night owl that comes alive after dark?

Whether you are a morning or night person, it is important to discover your energy flow and use it to your advantage.

Chances are you have been working against your natural rhythm and this brings about a dip in productivity.

To peak productivity working with your rhythm is essential. If your energy levels soar in the morning, plan your day in such a way that you get as much as possible done in the morning before your efficiency starts to drop.

It is never beneficial to work against this rhythm; it is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.


Distractions disguised as bright shiny objects

We spend a lot of time on bright shiny attractive things that give us the immediate gratification but serves no purpose in achieving our goals. Think Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram here.

We find ourselves sinking deep into this abyss of distractions, we find tangible reasons why we should engage in this.

If you are anything like I used to be, procrastination was my middle name, heck I even had a crown for it, a couple medals and trophies as I reigned as queen for quite a while.

I eventually found that keeping my eyes on the prize allowed me to indulge in the distractions that will benefit my cause.

Finding inspiration was the term I used to allow my mind roam whilst I fed my senses and feasted my eyes on those distractions that would eventually benefit me. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.


Busy doing nothing

The word ‘BUSY’ has become a cliché, it has been used and abused. Thrown around even when absolutely nothing is being done! It is so easy to fall into the category of the ‘I’m so busy crew’.

If you have something to do, something which is important to you, you will surely find the time to do it.

Review the things that are taking so much of your time, find those you can replace with useful tasks that are linked specifically to your goals.


Self-motivation and energy levels

Have you ever had to do a task you had absolutely no interest in?

A task you did not like?

How long did it take?

If you are like the average person, a disliked task will take a whole lot longer than one you had the passion for!

Motivation is the driving force, when teamed up with passion and positivity, the arrival at the promise land of your dreams is sure.

What are your goals? What are your dreams?

Can you put pen to paper and write these down straight away?

If you can, this shows you are passionate about these goals and aspirations, the passion and drive will see you through the rough patches.

It is important to write down your goals and break them down into short and long term sections. Ensure they are what you really want and not what you feel you should have. Put them up on a wall where you can see and be reminded of the tasks at hand daily.

Energy boosters are essential in keeping pace and endurance.

  • Exercise- This is vital in keeping a clear mind and a fit body. It increases energy levels in an instant!
  • Stress- Keep stress at bay to avoid giving up and regressing. Avoid putting yourself under undue pressure with unreasonable deadlines.
  • Time Off- Take time off to relax, indulge in your favourite activities and make a lifestyle out of this process. Balance is important.
  • Do nothing- Clear your mind and just be!


The great power that lies in routine

I find that routine is useful in the efficient use of time.

It cuts out the loopholes of ‘busy doing nothing’ phenomenon.

The secret to successful routine is by starting slowly, one step at a time.

Do just one thing and repeat it daily. Like clockwork, make sure it’s done.

If you miss a day, don’t be too hard on yourself. Gloss over it and continue, do not stop, it will get easier with consistency.

This will slowly become a habit and in no time your brain will register it.



Burning out

Busy lives, social scenes, work, projects, tasks, family… the list can go on and on. Burning out can creep in without warning. That state where you do not feel like getting out of bed for at least a week. An extreme case is wanting to throw your computer out of the window as you have just had enough!

You may even start to detest what you do and ask yourself questions like; is it worth the hassle? To what end?

It is natural and it shouldn’t be fought. If you feel you have lost enthusiasm or the will to live through the stress, leave it all, take some time off, distract yourself, indulge in other activities, recoup and come back when you feel ready.


The Joy of accomplishment

Success tastes good, effective time management and routine that works minimizes stress and affords you the spare time for leisure.

Accomplishment gives you the confidence to excel at more things.

Most importantly is to enjoy every bit of the time you have, take time out to dance and revel in excitement, be like a child with stars in your eyes.

Life is beautiful, enjoy it.

Once time is lost, it is lost and can never be regained.


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